Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

 Union County, NC

About the project

Union County is working with the Town of Norwood to ensure long-term, sustainable water supply for current and future service areas in the Yadkin River Basin. This project will include a new water intake and pump station on Lake Tillery in Norwood, a new water treatment plant in Union County and an approximately 28-mile pipeline to bring water to Union County residents in the Yadkin River Basin, providing Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

This capacity of this project is designed to supply water based on the combined 30-year needs of both Norwood and Union County, up to 19.5 mgd.

Existing Water Supply for Union County

Union County currently owns and operates a public water system that serves more than 43,000 customers and relies on the Catawba River as its primary source of water supply, through the Catawba River Water Supply Project (CRWSP), located in Van Wyck, South Carolina. The CRWSP is a joint venture between Lancaster County, SC and Union County, NC, with a water treatment plant located on the run of river between Lake Wylie and Fishing Creek Reservoir. This facility can supply Union County with up to 21 mgd of water.

Union County also has a secondary water supply source through a water purchase agreement with Anson County, NC. Anson County’s water supply source is Blewett Falls Lake. Currently, Union County receives approximately 2 mgd of potable water per day (average annual daily basis) from Anson County and has a contract with Anson County to receive up to a total of 4 mgd.

The Yadkin River Basin service area is projected to have an increase in population and development, resulting in a demand for more water, exceeding the capacity and availability of the current water sources and treatment plants.

Union County must secure a sustainable water supply source for residents in its Yadkin River Basin service area.

Where Does the Water Go?