Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

 Union County, NC

About the project

The Yadkin Regional Water Supply project is a collaborative effort between Union County and the Town of Norwood, in Stanly County, to provide a new water supply source to Union County’s Yadkin River Basin residents and new infrastructure to the Town of Norwood. This project will include a new water intake and pump station in Norwood to access Lake Tillery and a 21 mile pipeline to bring that water to Union County residents in the Yadkin River Basin.

We know we need more water to meet the needs of our growing community. We want to make sure the solution we choose balances cost while minimizing impacts to the things that are important to each of us - the health of our environment, the vibrancy of our recreational opportunities, and the sustainability of our water supply.

To make sure we are thoughtful and forward-thinking about selecting a solution, we are required to go through State Regulatory Processes.

Project benefits include:

  • Long-term water supply for residents
  • Reduced dependency on the Catawba River
  • Infrastructure funding for Norwood
  • Support for continued economic growth in Union County and Norwood