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    Project History

    The need for a new water supply for Union County’s Yadkin River Basin service area has been studied since 2004.

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    • 2004 – Rocky River Water Supply feasibility study
    • 2005 – Water Supply Master Plan
    • 2008 – Eastern Water Supply Preliminary Engineering Report
    • 2011 – Eastern Water Supply Feasibility Study, Project Partner Assessment and Comprehensive Water and Sewer Master Plan
    • 2012 – 2013 – Interlocal Intake and Transmittal Agreement (Norwood-Union County) signed
    • 2013-2017 – Environmental Impact Statement and Interbasin Transfer process
    • 2017-2019 – Design and Permitting
    • 2019-2021 – Construction
    • 2022 – Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project comes online, providing a new water source for Union County

    Alternatives Considered

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    Preferred Alternative

    The Lake Tillery alternative was chosen because this option provided a long term sustainable water source, was less costly, had less of an impact on the environment and the lake needs such as hydropower, recreation and aesthetics.

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    We carefully considered a wide range of potential alternative solutions to securing a long-term, sustainable water supply for our growing community. One alternative stood out among the rest because of its benefit, environmental impact, and long-term feasibility.

    • Water: The preferred alternative can supply the necessary water for current and future needs.
    • Cost: The preferred alternative represents one of the lowest cost alternatives and is a financially feasible option.
    • Lake Impacts: The preferred alternative has less impact on lake aesthetics, other water needs and hydropower than other options.
    • Environmental: The environmental impacts of the preferred alternative are similar to, or significantly less, than other options.
    • Community: The preferred alternative creates a beneficial water supply partnership between the Town of Norwood and Union County.

    Current Water Supply

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    21 mgd: Catawba River Water Supply This joint venture between Lancaster County, SC and Union County, NC supplies Union County with up to 21mgd of water. This water is sourced from the Catawba River.

    2-4 mgd: Anson County A secondary source of water is purchased from Anson County, NC. This water is sourced from Blewett Falls Lake.

    19.5 mgd: Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project This capacity of this project is designed to supply water based on the combined 30-year needs of both Norwood and Union County.

    Water Supply Needs

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    The Yadkin River Basin service area is projected to have an increase in population and development.

    Demand is projected to exceed supply as early as 2020.

    Union County must secure a sustainable water supply source for residents in its Yadkin River Basin service area.

    Lake Levels

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    Lake levels are carefully monitored and controlled by Duke Energy as a part of Duke Energy’s hydropower operations. Differences in lake levels resulting from the proposed water transfer will be hard to determine with the naked eye.

    • The maximum average lake level is 278’
    • The lowest modeled lake level resulting from the proposed water transfer is 276.95’
    • The minimum average summer lake level for Duke Energy operations is 276’
    • Public water supply intake is located at 268.2’
    • The hydropower operating limit is 256.2’
    • The Yadkin Regional Water Supply proposed intake will be at 244’

    For information on Duke’s hydropower program on Lake Tillery, click here.

    Intake Facility

    A new intake facility will be built at 465 Bay Shore Drive in Norwood, NC. The facility and site have been designed to fit within the residential lakeside neighborhood.

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    The intake facility will house mechanical and electrical equipment and will include meeting space. Five ~1,250 horsepower (HP) and three ~50 HP vertical turbine pumps will be necessary to convey the projected design flow rates. However, installation of these pumps will occur in phases in the future, as water demand necessitates.

    Water Treatment Plant

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    The site for the WTP must meet the following criteria:

    • ‘Single’ pumping to WTP from Lake Tillery
    • Close to center of customer demand
    • Near major water lines and power source
    • Adjacent to major roads
    • Sufficient acreage for long-term expansion needs
    • Appropriate topography
    • Low environmental impacts

    Pipeline Route

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    The proposed pipeline route shown here is still being evaluated to determine the least expensive, least impactful and most effective route.

    Project Benefits

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    • Long-term water supply for residents
    • Reduced dependency on the Catawba River
    • Infrastructure funding for Norwood
    • Support for continued economic growth in Union County and Norwood

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