Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

 Union County, NC

Our Preferred Alternative

We carefully considered a wide range of potential alternative solutions to securing a long-term, sustainable water supply for our growing community. One alternative stood out among the rest because of its benefit, environmental impact, and long-term feasibility.

Alternative 1A:
Withdrawal from Lake Tillery and return through Rocky/Yadkin Rivers

Water Supply

Alternative 1A can supply the 28.9 mgd needed for current and future needs.


Alternative 1A represents one of the lowest cost alternatives and is a financially feasible option for this water supply.

Lake Impacts

Alternative 1A has less impact on lake aesthetics, other water needs, and hydropower than the other alternatives evaluated.


The environmental impacts of Alternative 1A are similar, or significantly less, than the other alternatives evaluated.


The water supply partnership between the Town of Norwood and Union County makes 1A the most politically acceptable alternative.